Simplify Adding 3D Inspection Results to Corporate Excel Reports

Transferring inspection data to preformatted corporate Excel spreadsheets no longer has to be done manually or using complex macros. With the introduction of PolyWorks|ReportLoop™, a free Excel-based smart reporting solution, you can link spreadsheet cells directly to PolyWorks® inspection project data. And thanks to this link, spreadsheet values can be automatically updated whenever changes are made to the inspection project. Preparing Excel reports has never been this simple and sure. 

In just 15 minutes, you will discover how to: 

Link Excel spreadsheet cells to PolyWorks inspection project and pieceproperties,controls, control views,tables, and snapshots.

Edit an inspection project reported in your spreadsheet at any time,  then let PolyWorks|ReportLoop  automatically update the spreadsheet values.

Deploy this free reporting solution entreprisewide, interoperable with the free PolyWorks|Reviewer™ inspection project reviewing software.

About the presenter

Roberto BARRETO, Application Specialist, InnovMetric Software 

Based in Quebec, QC, Roberto has worked as a mechanical engineer and a process engineer. Throughout his career, he has developed a solid knowledgebase in process design and process control. At InnovMetric, he has honed his expertise in inspection processes and reverse engineering while providing support and training to PolyWorks users.