Adapting PolyWorks|Inspector™ to specialized measurement contexts found in prototyping, preproduction, and production environments has never been this easy!

Create and embed short macro scripts directly in your measurement objects to:

Integrate your in-house, proprietary measurement techniques as native PolyWorks|Inspector™ measurement methods.

Provide additional measurement guidance to quality control operators with enhanced measurement feedback.

Integrate additional measurement devices, such as digital measurement gauges.

Benefit from the standard measurement workflow, while relying on the powerful and reliable standard PolyWorks|Inspector™ components to guide operators, play inspections, update projects, and report results.

Build your own library of in-house measurement methods perfectly adapted to every manufacturing requirement and share it with PolyWorks users companywide.


Perform more complete inspections using the enhanced PolyWorks|Inspector™ GD&T toolkit that is now compliant with the latest revisions of the ISO GPS and ASME GD&T standards. You can now use the new median line and 2-point size calculations, along with their related dimensional controls, to perform quality control on components such as car engine bores and powertrain shafts.

Median line

2-point size

Create and edit control views easily

Create control views intuitively by displaying the desired objects and their annotations in the 3D Scene. And use the improved Control Reviewer to edit and enhance your control views:

  • Easily add controls or objects to, or remove them from, control views.
  • Add custom control properties to control views to manage other information tied to your manufacturing process.

Analyze feature deviations thoroughly

Make use of the maximum and minimum deviations of features as well as the direction and magnitude of center point deviations to analyze your measured features more efficiently.

Review measurement results up close with PolyWorks|AR™

With InnovMetric's new PolyWorks|AR™ software solution for the Microsoft HoloLens, you can automatically visualize part-to-CAD deviation color maps and color map point annotations superimposed over the inspected part. Whatever your point of view and whatever the size of the inspected parts, the view in the HoloLens continually adjusts to your position in real time to display precisely the corresponding measurement results. If you inspect large parts, which are typical in the automotive and aerospace industries, PolyWorks|AR™ is a particularly useful tool for reviewing measurement results up close and in person.

Display the color map and color map point annotations