PolyWorks is the first single-vendor enterprise solution that supports all your industrial manufacturing organization’s 3D measurement processes, from measurement planning by the design and manufacturing teams, to the measurement execution by the quality control team, and the enterprise-wide sharing of 3D measurement data and results.


Interface with all 3D measurement devices and perform all inspection tasks using one universal workflow.


Interconnect all of the people that capture or need access to 3D measurement information.


Facilitate digital collaborative teamwork at every stage of the product development process.

Metrology Suite

The Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform


The 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution to gain control of your product engineering and manufacturing process

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The reverse-engineering solution that enables true interoperability between digitized polygonal models and your CAD/CAM applications

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The free 3D dimensional solution that brings 3D measurement results in the hands of your engineering and manufacturing teams

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The smart remote control for PolyWorks|Inspector™ that boosts measurement efficiency on the shop floor

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The mixed reality software solution that superimposes 3D measurement results and guidance graphics on inspected parts

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Collaborative Suite

Interconnecting Hardware, Software,​ and People​​


The digital connectivity solution that interconnects all the people that capture or need access to 3D measurement information

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The model-based definition solution for collaborative measurement planning between your product engineering teams

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The smart reporting solution that simplifies the integration of inspection results within your preformatted corporate Excel reports

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